Indoor Off Road

DRCW Indoor Off Road

Welcome the newest edition to Debbies RC World race program, the DRCW Indoor Off Road Raceway. The track is roughly 90X50 with elevation changes in the 4+ foot mark. The surface of the track consists of hard packed, but moisture rich, red clay. We run 1/10 and smaller on the track. See the full rules and details below. You are welcome to practice on the track any day there is not a race or track maintenance. If you are not a member then the cost is $10 a day to practice. Call ahead of time to verify that the track is open.




  • 2WD 1/10 Buggy
  • 4X4 1/10 Buggy
  • 2WD Stadium Truck
  • 2WD Short Course
  • 4X4 Short Course
  • Mini, Sportsman, and Kids



Short Course 2WD & 4WD

  • Must Use Short Course Tires and Wheels
  • Body must fully cover the tires when viewed from above
  • No 1/8 conversions


2WD Buggy, 4X4 Buggy, and Stadium Truck

  • Open motor, battery, tires, and ESC



  • Run what you brung
  • Any 1/10 or smaller 
  • 14 years and under
  • Go too fast and get bumped into the sportsman class



  • Run what you brung
  • 1/10 or smaller
  • Go too fast and get bumped to Open



  • Any vehicle smaller than 1/10 scale
  • Open electronics, tires, and batteries
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